GolFlower™ - Appropriate Technology

To ensure easy use and management, GolFlower™, the training centre has been equipped with technological tools such as :

– GolFlower™ “MIFARE” badge. With this key, you can pay everything, starting by your buckets of practice balls, your lunch and dinner and even more, for example, you wish to play at night at GolFlower™, with your badge, you have the possibility to light and warm up your bay.

– Automated Pay Points : allow you to view your account balance and to add credit to your GolFlower™ badge, and even print a summary of your balance.

– GolFlower™ is enlightened and warmed, enabling you to play 365 days a year, 24/24h.

– For the respect of the environment, site lighting is provided by LED technology.

Badges / Automated Pay Points

The GolFlower™ badge lets you; help yourself to buckets of balls, activate the heating for your practice stand, pay your restaurant or Pro-Shop bills or even to settle the costs of your drinks or food from the various vending machines located around the training centre circuit. The badge also gives clients entry to GolFlower™ at night when Reception is closed. To be identified and enjoy the same benefits through the training centre GolFlower™ of the world.

With the Automated Pay Points located throughout the GolFlower™, you can refill your GolFlower™ badge using your credit card in few seconds. You can also do this in person with one of the receptionists and soon, you will be able to carry out this transaction via our website With each purchase made, a receipt will be issued. And to come, acknowledgement of the receipt will also be available via e-mail.

Heating / Lighting

Designed in pure environmental norms, GolFlower™ allows you to train at night thanks to advanced, environmentally friendly lighting LED. Its more than 70 different lamps which will allow you to use the driving range and play on all of the Petals 1: 600m² of synthetic putting green, 1500m² of the workshop bunker and the 4000m² of the approach practice by moonlight.

GolFlower™ is also heated, so allowing then, the lovers of the white ball to practice at room temperature for the whole season and that real enthusiasts can train in comfort all year round. GolFlower™ as you will by now appreciate, is a multifaceted training center where you can have fun, learn and improve your game.

Covered Bays