MAY, 2010 / LE MONDE

The golf course threats himself with the first Mionnay GolFlower

The people of the Golf of Mionnay already talking: the club is preparing to host the training center as the most successful technology and most fun ever. A training center so singular that it had to find a name this concept: GolFlower. The idea kept running through their heads, since January 2009, when Andrew Zamora and Armand Mechali Chairman and CEO of Golf Mionnay, met Jocelyn Crouzet, a young architect lover of golf, full of talent, brimming with innovative ideas and dreaming to play all the golf shots in the same place, the dream turned into real project, build the most technology training center and the most playful of Europe close to the 18 holes they have acquired in 2008.

” We wish, unpretentious but in an innovative mind, to go further in all that is best in France or Europe for training center,” said Armand Mechali. “This major innovation, says Andrew Zamora, do not come at the expense of the values are those of the Golf of Mionnay from a long time: respect for tradition, ethical vision of our sport and environmental concern.”

By integrating the concept GolFlower, Golf de Mionnay acquires a complete original and futuristic tool, which helps make it a pioneer in the golf community. “It’s a whole regional dynamic that we want boost with this new concept.” Armand Mechali summarize and Andrew Zamora.