GolFlower : The Practice of the Future

No more large impersonal rectangles without any clear objectives. With GolFlower, the golf of Mionnay, in Ain, half an hour from Lyon offers a unique training center in France. To progress in golf, spend several hours on a regular practice is essential. It is also unfortunately quite often boring and repetitive because in many cases the lack of originality practices is struggling to replicate the situations that a player will find a way. Therefore, most amateur golfers neglect the training, and certainlyare progressing more slowly than they could. It is from this observation that the leaders of the Golf Club Mionnay, President Andrew Zamora and CEO Armand Mechali, had the idea of giving their club a new tool that combines technology and fun. “We wish, unpretentious but in an innovative mind, to go further in all that is best in France or Europe for training center,” said Armand Mechali. “The location, near Lyon, near a highway, the beauty of the site had inspired us to make of this course a new training center”, complete Julien Zamora, director of communications. We consulted several architects, and the “Stéphanois”, inhabitants of a city call Saint Étienne, 2JRS Architectures, that have won their project that seemed most successful.

Five petals to progress

Concretely, the concept GolFlower breaks down into five petals, hence its name, for a total of 300 metres in diameter and one kilometer in circumference. All with synthetic target greens, “they have been designed in the image of game situation riding a harmonious juxtaposition of fairways,” explained a leader, and will allow 170 golfers to play together. The first petal is dedicated to fitting. Heated and lighted. Equipped with a video camera, which allows to analyze his shots to improve his swing. Each user will be able to go with the video content of his game on USB stick. The second petal, more like a traditional practice, where the player can work with all clubs, Driver at Sandwedge. The third petal is devoted to long irons. Thanks to a practitioner markings can calibrate its clubs and colored target, both sides of the fairway, induce labor effects. The fourth petal is a workshop Driving. There is a hole with these obstacles (bunker), and honors the long game and put into play. The fifth petal allows him to work wedges. Several greens are staggered and at different altitudes, all 5.10 meters, from 15 to 135 meters away from the player. Pitch & Putt and indoor pole

Beyond the five petals, GolFlower also offers other innovations to the players. Starting with a pitch and putt nine holes consisting of three groups of three holes (bunting, long shots, rough green). The course complements the central driving range and allows you to hone in on some kind of blows. Add to that three workshops on approaches: a 1500m ² on the bunkers, another of 1500m on the chipping and more of 4000m on putting, including two greens with a synthetic. The designers have not forgotten that it sometimes rains in this region and a indoor pole with a large putting green, a repair shop, a conference room and also several simulators where golfers can virtually play on the Mionnay’s golf course. Unique in Europe

“No other Golf in Europe offers such a complete package,” says Julian Zamora. Design 360, its richness and diversity make it a unique product. And our goal is to share this center to many people as possible, professional players to beginners. We are also currently in negotiations with the federation into a training center. Our attendance goals are not yet determined, but we are optimistic about its ability to attract. “All elements of GolFlower are not yet available. The practice opened in March and all will develop gradually in the coming months, the Pitch & Putt closing all to allow grass to mature. Then the concept will eventually be developed to other courses in France. “It was filed, so we can quite replicate it elsewhere, through us or by selling it,” concluded Julian Zamora.