We promised to tell you all in detail the construction of GolFlower, the future revolutionary training center located in Mionnay, Ain.

The first episode of the saga GolFlower is devoted to the implementation of this colossal project, currently the largest construction courses in Europe. The Fabulous Story of GolFlower Training Center.

Episode 1 the extraordinary golf project on track.

It is the result of a call for proposals that the owners of Golf Club Mionnay – André Zamora and Armand Mechali – hold the offer of a young architect of 28 years old, Jocelyn Crouzet, to build a new facility on 12 acres of land. “We wanted to create an advanced practice to strengthen the supply of golf club Mionnay” recalls André Zamora. There for an investment of EUR 1.5 million was expected. When Jocelyn propose us his forward-thinking project offbeat but absolutely fabulous, we did not hesitate long to give our consent! The decision of the leaders of the golf club Mionnay follows Jocelyn Crouzet is both, the choice of audacity, technological innovation and also the bias to trust a young architect. GolFlower, the training center is positioned in a perspective of alignment with the historical entrance to the Golf Club Mionnay. This bridle path will ultimately be linked to the mansion of the twentieth century to the indoor pole of 600 m², which will group together the pro-shop and two simulators. To create the joint reception at the Golf Club Mionnay and GolFlower training center, Andrew and Jocelyn Zamora Crouzet imagined a tower sleight of reversing holes 1 and 10 of the 18 holes. The entire project includes a strong dimension environmental with an underground network of recovery runoff, a choice of efficient watering grass, LED lighting and future building HQE benefiting from solar energy.

The audacious signature of Jocelyn Crouzet Jocelyn Crouzet has devised a solution to the structural problems of traditional golf driving ranges to meet the double bind: How to host a large number of golfers in actual games on a driving range? How to design a training space that will allow the pro rated, the average player and beginners to progress? The innovative project configuration is similar to the drawing of a flower 300 m in diameter with fairways for petals. Baptized GolFlowerTM and it has been trademarked. This next-generation training center can welcome up to 200 players safely and in a comfortable area. Each of the petals have a technical characteristics. Finally around the floral circle, a Pitch & Putt 9-hole approved offers three loops that are declining the short game, long shots and obstacles consistent with petals and shops nearby.

A project nearing completion The work of the future training center began in 2009 by massive landslides. Ubiquitous on the site, Jocelyn Crouzet appealed to many people around this unconventional project. Employees of golf Mionnay participated in the construction of GolFlower. On July 7, the 500 members of the Golf Club Mionnay were able to sneak a first GolFlower substantially completed. All generations, they are already likely to attend accessible spaces of Golflower. With these heated posts, 18 light guns and a automated access system of control, GolFlower will run on a wide timetable.

Jocelyn Crouzet wants to build golf courses

Jocelyn Crouzet decides at the age of 10 years old to become golf architect. Born into a family of great golfers, he practiced himself for over 20 years, reaching an index 4 and picking up some nice wins in the Grand Prix. On graduating certified architect DPLG in his pocket he moved to Cailloux-Sur-Fountaine with the complicity of his uncle Gilles Grazian, and competes in several golf projects. On becoming aware of the specifications of Mionnay Jocelyn launches headlong into the development of the concept, the declination of each hole, its integration with nature, and in the realization of this enormous project. He does not hesitate to listen to other opinions to adapt. We could see him regularly test its achievements during construction, putter in hand, ” GolFlower will be a collective success, everyone fought to get the best result. On the advice of Hervé Lassus and his team of gardeners; we sometimes modeled adapted to facilitate future maintenance, according to technical and human resources available. I also wanted to validate each major stage of construction with the pros because the quality of education will depend on the adequacy of the tools available to them. ” As for the rest of his career, Jocelyn Crouzet synchronous do not worry: “there is still a lot of innovations to be made in golf.”