GolFlower Flower Power

At the golf mionnay in ain, a training center of a revolutionary kind will overwhelm life of lyon area golfers

It’s Never seen in France, I’m not a fanatic of the driving range, a bucket of balls is sufficient for my warm-up. With their stunted signs away, their flags and their faded old rugby posts rust, it must be said that the practices of french courses generally no incentive to spend much time. But, at GolFlower in Mionnay, I typed three buckets of balls without a fight. And if the night had not been interrupted my session, I could clear the ball machine.

The GolFlower concept, imagined and created by a talented young architect, Jocelyn Crouzet, is set on 12 hectares involving a circular revolutionary driving rang, 300 meters in diameter and a mile in circumference, workshops short game and a 9-hole teaching. And then target questions, you are served with 28 synthetic greens, checkered flags are scientifically distributed to answer all game situations, the training become fun and even a pleasure.

This circular driving range is divided into five petals, all separated by grass mounds, blast walls that contain within them the treasures of approaches greens, practice bunkers, grass bunkers. The first petal is dedicated to teaching and fitting. The second, opposite the entry is for all types of shots. The third is for wedging. To type all openings in your wedges, greens are arranged in a staggered every seven or eight meters. The fourth petal is for Driving In this area, all the greens are aligned and surrounded on both sides by bunkers that give the illusion of real type his drives in a hallway The fifth is devoted to the calibration of irons with strips of colored artificial grass placed every ten meters, and knocks on effects.

There are, in all, 170 stations of practice on carpet covered third, two thirds found the front carpet, there are areas to tap on grass, and then more forward areas to play shots on slopes and bunkers to catch the long ride sand Finally, the short game is featured with dedicated the approaches, bunker shots and putting areas. To complete the training, nothing there nothing better like moving from theory to practice. A 9 holes allow a teacher to work on his game with part of practice is illuminated, can result in night.

The first hole from 25 yards in the last of nearly 180 meters, you can play all your irons and hybrids. Built by sequence 3 holes, it takes, to get the greens 3, 6 and 9, petals corresponding to shots faced. Nothing is left to chance. A bucket of balls and get everything in order before returning to the assault of the 9-hole par 3 .As part of the practice can be illuminated, you can even train there at night, but be carefull, no waste with GolFlower, everything has been planned sustainable development. The home building practice, which will be completed in spring 2012, will be HQE (high environmental quality) apart from the pro shop, you will find two indoor simulators with address fields mounted on hydraulic cylinders to reproduce shots slope and the 18 hole golf Mionnay scanned amphitheater screen for golf schools and a gym in use, we understand why this concept immediately appealed to André Zamora, owner of golf Mionnay since 2008: “We organized an architectural competition to make this training center.

The projects that we received did not seduced says greenkeeper, Hervé Lassus. One day, a young architect of St Etienne, who had his thesis on the golf course, introduced the concept, it was all on paper, drawn, it was remarkable; we were all amazed “André Zamora has sufficient knowledge of business to know that it will never recover its investment of six million euros just with club players and visitors, so, the name, the concept, the logo has been filed and the project is now to implement GolFlower worldwide. It was after I officially opened in late September and finished the work scheduled for the spring of 2012 as the International offensive start. This concept is unique, it is certain that GolFlower will find a taker abroad, until then, take the road to Mionnay, you will find that golf training is also an exciting game.